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Transitional design, also referred to as “Updated Classic,” takes the classic elements of design and adds a contemporary twist to them. It blends the comfort of traditional styles with the clean, sophisticated aspects of contemporary design.

The transitional style can cover a variety of design periods, from the Victorian era to the Greek Revival. Because of its rich historical roots, traditional design features characteristics like symmetry and ornate detail. This style is ideal for creating luxury spaces like dining or sitting rooms.

Designs by Darcel – Decorating Den Interiors can help you fill your home with the elegance of transitional design. Our years of experience, as well as our extensive catalog of materials, make it easy for you to incorporate transitional elements into your interior design.

  • Colors. Soft, inviting neutrals like beige, ivory, and tan are popular in transitional design. These colors create an ideal backdrop for more contemporary furniture pieces.
  • Accessories. Minimal accessories that feature straight lines and rounded profiles blend contemporary and traditional design to accentuate a transitional design scheme.
  • Furniture. Warm woods furnishings with straight lines and lacquered finishes tie together contemporary and traditional trends to create a unique look. A lack of ornamentation makes it easy for the eye to appreciate the simple, sophisticated design.
  • Fabrics. A lack of bright color use in transitional design leaves more room to play around with texture and fabric. Combining textural elements of wood, glass, fabric, and steel are common in transitional design.

Fuse contemporary and traditional design. Contact Designs by Darcel – Decorating Den Interiors today at 205-578-1713 to learn more about incorporating transitional design into your home decor.

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