Top accessories to bring your space to the next level

Decorating your living space is a very intimate task. You want to make sure your home is equally comfortable and stylish while also putting your personality on display for you, your family and guests to enjoy. The color of the walls and the furniture within a room can set a strong foundation for the way the rest of the space will look, but accessories bring everything together. Just like an outfit needs jewelry and a bag, a bedroom needs accent pieces that bring the theme to life and help you illustrate the exact look and feel you envisioned during the planning process.

Does your living room need a revamp? Is your guest bathroom feeling more bland and boring than usual? Here are a few suggestions for accessories that can bring your living space to the next level:

1. An area rug
Area rugs have a way of giving a room an entirely new identity, whether the floors are carpeted or hardwood. A soft shag rug near the center of the room can complete the space, make it look cute and cozy — and provide the ultimate layer of comfort for your feet after a long, exhausting day.Birmingham AL Interior Designer

2. A room divider
Open floor plans have always been popular, and there’s no speculation that the trend is dying off anytime soon. However, more homeowners are falling in love with the idea of creating separation when it feels right:

“Instead of witnessing the end of the open concept floor plan, I believe we are seeing the creation of spaces that work in tandem with the open concept to give homeowners more options,” says Jay Kallos, SVP of architecture at Ashton Woods Homes, a luxury home builder based in Atlanta. “With all of the hustle and bustle taking place in a combination living, dining, and cooking space, people do need a space to retreat to that is peaceful and quiet—maybe even a zen room or zen den.”

Creating a “zen den” is simple with stylish room dividers — consider this accessory if you want to curate division in your space without committing to new drywall.

3. A mini garden
Your kitchen deserves some fun and functional accessories too, so why not consider a mini garden? A lovely garden box near the window can add an environmental aspect to your kitchen space and provide delicious fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables whenever you need them.

4. Floating shelves
Shelving systems are effective pieces of furniture that can add more style to a space while creating a home for all of your favorite books, works of art and other trinkets and accessories. If you don’t want to invest in a bookshelf that takes up a large portion of your home office, a couple of floating shelves can make a major statement.

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5. A fun clock
Clocks are quite literally timeless accessories that fit into any style, theme or room in your house. Browse for a unique digital clock or a fascinating, classic analog clock for a bare room in your home to make heads turn.

6. Local art
Putting a large canvas of artwork in your home shows your appreciation for creativity and can tie your room’s theme together. If you want to make a meaningful statement, find a piece from a local artist in the community and place it in a room that encourages conversation and togetherness.

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Accessorizing can be intimidating if you don’t have a lot of experience in interior design and decorating. But there’s no need to take on the project on your own! At Designs by Darcel – Decorating Den Interiors, we can help you bring your vision to life and create a space that’s more complete in your home.

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